Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Bonfire with Kate

Every February, my parents' neighbours host a winter bonfire in their backyard. They have a large shed that they fill with lots of goodies, crockpots filled with savoury chili and apple cider, and a space heater. Paths are made with cardboard and couches are dragged out onto the snow surrounding the fire pit. Other neighbours have a skating rink that the kids can skate on provided they wear a helmet. M. builds the fire and a party begins.

This is my second time attending and the third annual Winter Bonfire. There is something almost magical about standing under the night sky, around a fire in the winter. I love bonfires and miss them dreadfully during the winter. Although it's very cold, there are no mosquitos in February! My best friend came with and it was wonderful. We were tired and didn't talk too much or stay very long, but standing by that campfire underneath the winter sky made me very very happy. :)

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