Friday, February 26, 2010

A Nice Surprise

I came home exhausted to a dirty kitchen with a crockpot half full of soup. Needing to find space in the fridge, I dispatched some leftovers to the freezer and then pulled out a bottle of wine to be disposed of. This poor bottle of late harvest wine has sat in my fridge for over two years. Initially, the bottle was meant as labour wine, but then I didn't end up going into labour on my own. There just never seemed to be a good time to drink it. So the poor bottle sat lonely in the corner of my fridge, lamenting my induction.

Pouring it down the sink seemed such a waste, but there was no way it would still be drinkable. Steve uncorked the bottle and took a sniff. "It doesn't smell like, try some." So I took a sip. Mmmm...such lovely wine! Surprisingly, it was still good. I don't know why, but I'm not knocking it. Now that my kitchen is clean again after making applesauce and soup(sweet potato with coconut milk and ginger) and my blogpost has been written, I'm going to enjoy my lovely glass of wine. Cheers! :)

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