Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's midnight and I just walked in the door. Oops!

This will be very very quick. My bed is calling me. But here are today's highlights:
1) WE MADE IT TO SCHOOL ON TIME!!!!!!! There wasn't any drama this morning while getting ready to school. The kids played very nicely with their duplos building birds, robots and cars. Even Kian joined in. It felt so good getting to school on time. :)

2) The CYW had very good things to say about Aris. I had a lovely chat with her again, and I feel much better about where Aris is going. At this point we're confident with the interventions at hand, but have a next step ready if her behaviour escalates. Right now, I think we're good. Just talking to Sara(her real name, she said I could use it) has done Aris a world of good. *sigh of relief*

3) I made bread by hand and baked brownies. My house smelt good. :)

4) My mom, my MIL, and my aunt all came for tea this afternoon at the same time. This was rather impromptu and not at all co-ordinated but I think it worked really well. I enjoyed spending time with three wonderful women at the same time.

5) The bus driver refused to take Aris' ticket, letting her ride the bus for free! She was very sweet to us and to all of her passengers. I so appreciate bus drivers that minister to their passengers.

6) I had tea with a good friend this evening. Aris went to her very first friend sleepover today. We know the family well and have a great relationship with them, so I'm not concerned. While dropping Aris off, I stayed for tea and a chat. It was nice. :)

7) I had my first official prenatal visit as a doula. I'm not sure if I'm quite allowed to say that yet or if I have to add in the (in-training). This was my first step in taking on that role. As my client is also my friend, I wore both hats during the meeting. We talked for over three hours, enjoying hot chocolate and brownies. As typical with me, our conversation hopscotched around, landing back on birth and then taking off again. We laughed, we cried and we were real. I so value conversations like that! Seeing myself as a doula and acting in that official role still feels foreign. But it also feels right.

8) Being told that of all the people my friend knows, I am the only person that had the right personality and skills to be her labour support person. I am so deeply honoured.

9) My wonderful husband who helped photocopy papers and just be so supportive in the midst of this evenings whirlwind. :) Also for his patience when he called to ask if I knew what time it was. I didn't. It was 11:25pm. Oops.

And now, to bed. Another day full of surprises awaits me tomorrow. :)

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