Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Record Number of Golds

I'd like to start by saying how proud I am of my country. We started these Olympics having never won a gold medal on Canadian soil. These games ended with Canada winning a record number of gold medals, the most any nation has ever won at the Olympic games. How amazing is that? And just in case you didn't watch the hockey game, we won in overtime. It was a spectacular nail-biting finish. Go Canada!!!

I think my highlight of today was watching the gold medal game with my pastor, his family and the rest of our cell group. Aris was scared by the cheering, but it was a great moment! :)

Although that was great, I am so thankful for wisdom. Aris was not doing well this evening. In fact, she hasn't been doing well since Thursday or Friday. I was at my wits end and close to tears. I prayed for patience and calmness, and managed to keep it together while putting her to bed. After finishing the bedtime routine, still fighting with Aris, I had an idea and asked her a question. It turns out I was right. Between God and I, we have figured out what was wrong and I have some ideas as to how to fix it. Hopefully, she feels better just having been heard and understood. We talked through a lot of what was bugging her and why she was reacting the way she was. Thankfully, she went to bed happy after our chat and not screaming that she was a horrible person. :( If you pray, please pray for us! We really need it. But I'm calmer now, have finished my first milkbag mat and am now off to bed. Good night! :)

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