Thursday, February 25, 2010


A wee hand tugged at my shirt. A wee voice entreated and I tried to understand his baby language. Downstairs we went to fetch something, I wasn't sure what. He stopped on the top step, wanting to sit down. Down we sat and together, hand in hand, bumped down the stairs. Halfway down, he began to growl at each stair we bumped. I giggled. Then hand in hand we fetched his blankie and back up the stairs we went, him wrapped in his blankie and carried in my arms cradling in turn his "baby", a plush spiderman. Happiness is little boy giggles wrapped in special blankies.

Canada took the gold in women's hockey. Yay Canada! The best part: When my mom called to tell me that when she heard that Canada beat the US(her home country), she was so excited that her team won! It's taken a long long time, but my mom has fallen in love with Canada. :) I'm so excited both for her and those talented women. Congrats! :)

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