Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet Elsie

Today we welcomed a new member of our family. She's about two inches tall, with a gold head, pink arms and yellow legs. Elsie is a flower fairy. I was going to take pictures but Elsie is already in bed with Aris. A friend of ours creates fairy houses and mentioned yesterday that they were on display at the library she works at. So this morning, Aris and I went on a road trip. Having been sick this week, she was very shy. Once Aris warmed up, she quite enjoyed the little creations. Her favourite was a pink house that was made out of a hollow book. It had pink flowers climbing the back and two levels in the house. Aris thought it was great. :) We went upstairs and found my friend and more of her creations. The librarians made flower fairies that they're selling to raise money for Haiti. Each creation has a unique Haitian name. So when we left, we had a beautiful flower fairy to call our own, Elsie.

After our morning adventure, our family went on a date. We went to a Chinese buffet and then to the fish store. We had a great lunch. Even Kian enjoyed himself. He's in a phase where he says "no" to everything, but he decided that getting to choose his own food was very exciting. Kian didn't eat much, but he sure had fun. It was a good lunch, especially since everyone was happy. We headed over to the fish store right after our meal. This store carries all sorts of fish and reptiles, including an anaconda, a rainbow boa, an eel, and a stingray. Did we ever have fun! Kian learned a new word "camouflage" and bonded with turtles and snakes. He put his face up to the glass and kissed the snakes. Above the noise of the busy store, a little voice could be heard saying "hewwo! hewwo!" It was too cute!

Life with Aris continues to be challenging. Bedtime tends to be the worst right now, but first thing in the morning is also trying. So in the midst of this, I'm clinging to my silvers of joy, like flower fairies and little boys that say camouflage. :)

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