Monday, February 15, 2010

A Love Day Weiner Roast and Jewelry

Last weekend, we went to the mall ostensibly to buy me a belt. Somehow that didn't happen, but we ended up buying Valentine's gifts for the family. Aris decided that she wanted to give them out at a family party. Originally, we were planning on having the party yesterday evening, but then Aris didn't come home until today. So this evening, we ended up having a weiner roast at Steve's parents's house with my parents attending as well. Aris was very tired, but we had a lovely quiet evening. My FIL had a collection of clementine boxes that he enjoyed burning this evening. The boxes burn brightly. :) It was a good dinner.

The church my mom attends has begun a partnership in Uganda. The latest team returned with lots of jewelry and bags to sell. 100% of the profits will be returned to the widows that make these beautiful items. My mom bought several pieces of jewelry and a beautiful bag for me. :) I really like unique jewelry and she picked some gorgeous pieces for me. I will try to put up pictures tomorrow. Between good food, presents and getting to sleep in this morning, I am very very happy!

I'm also very distracted with watching the figure skating. Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying the Olympics? Go Canada! :)

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