Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And Then Their Van Pulled Up...

 Today was challenging.  There were some great times with friends and family, especially at the afternoon make-up party.  I have some pretty cool friends!  But I also had a challenging meeting with some church leadership at lunch.  I was left unsettled.  However, since the meeting was right before the party, I didn't have a chance to debrief with Steve.  Later, we were able to debrief on the way to another function.  I was really upset.  As we pulled up,  I was in tears.  Just as we went to get out of the van, our dear friends pulled up!  I exclaimed very loudly "Praise God they're here!"  I wanted to run out and hug them right away, but figured that might overwhelm certain small ones, so I waited.  Although I'm still feeling very shaky, it was such a blessing to spend some time with this sweet sister.  Oh, and to eat some fabulous food and enjoy some other great company!  That was pretty awesome too. :)

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