Monday, September 13, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy...

 Somedays I don't know what to write.  My brain is numb, potentially because I had too much sugar and not enough proper food.  This is what happens when I run a child out to dance class, and then am offered both pie and fudge on the return as I run out to a client meeting.

 Oh, that takes me off on a tangent.  I had a first visit tonight!  Although I'm no longer as certain that I'll make all the births I'm supposed to, starting to prepare for another birth has me super excited.  Although this family currently lives in my town, they'll be moving about an hour away soon.  We'll be meeting in a city in between the two for the birth.  I'm a wee bit nervous especially as the baby is due the end of January.  The other birth I'm scheduled for is in March/April and will also be out of town, this time more in the snowbelt.  This will definitely be a learning curve.  But I'm excited to be present to welcome two more babies into this world.  Birth makes me very happy!

  Food makes me happy.  Food that I didn't cook and that signifies more than just yumminess makes me extra happy.  In my little community handbook, food is a key component.  If I ever write a book on how to form community, there will be a recipe section.   Today at school when I spoke with a B'hai from Afghanistan and a Muslim from Syria, we spoke about food.  When I was flagged down by my neighbours, it was to share food.   Over the summer, our neighbourhood has started to turn into a community as we've come together and shared meals.  It's been pretty cool.  For the menfolk, beer has also been a significant part of that.  Steve gathers with some of our neighbours to drink beer and talk.  They don't talk sports, rather they're discussing history, politics, computer and God.  They also talk about beer and have started experimenting with different brews.  It's pretty cool.

 This year holds great potential.  There's a lot of big fat scary change coming up, but there is also some amazing opportunity.  I'm looking forward to cooking more, talking more and as always sharing lots of wonderful food with the amazing people in my community.  I am so blessed to be here!

As an afterthought, check out a song I've listened to at least a dozen times today.

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