Monday, September 6, 2010


 I woke up today sad.  After my daughter decided to scream at everyone about everything, I felt even sadder.  A burden of heaviness settled on my shoulders.  I wandered around my house crying and constantly apologizing.  Steve felt both concerned and annoyed(Stop saying sorry!).  So we stopped, prayed lots, drank coffee and read our Bibles together.  Then we cooked.

 Steve made my brocoli salad.  It turned out...exactly the way he wanted it to.  Right. it was edible. And surprisingly delicious.  I made toffee bars.   They were delicious.  We were making food for one of our famous community barbeques.  We've tried to have one every long weekend this summer and they've become a hit.  It's been great to build relationships within our community.  This was the smallest gathering yet as several families were out of town.  But it was great!  My friend Sebastien brought a potato salad and a cucumber/tomato/dill salad.  They were both delicious.  One of our families is Filipino and they always bring several delicious dishes.  Today they brought a pasta dish(how do they make it so delicious? i really want to know!), watermelon balls and a flan.  Apparently flan is a Filipino dessert.  I didn't know that until recently, but I'm not complaining.  Carole's flan is amazing!  And they left both the pasta and the flan here.  *BigSmile!*

 Today started out challenging, but I feel so much better now.  Being surrounded by some wonderful friends and eating great food was a blessing.  Now if only I knew that my East Coast friends had survived the hurricane....*hint hint*

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  1. Hint taken :) We're just fine, missing one nice fairly big tree and figuring out how to help our poor partially uprooted willow tree....methinks it was a good thing my husband convinced me not to drive in for a wedding that day!

    So happy that your day turned around for you! Sending you all much love *hugs*