Friday, September 10, 2010

Then Grace Walked In....

 Sometimes grace arrives all calm and smooth, peace flooding over us almost physically.  Sometimes grace comes in other ways.

 Today was not exactly a good day.  I was tired, grumpy and battling the beginnings of a migraine.  Kian was grumpy too.  He's been really tired this week and now he was lonely too.  Zane started back at school today so for the first time in two months, Kian was without his best friend.  Our morning started out okay, other than the screaming for scrambled eggs for breakfast.  But he got progressively crankier and demanding as my patience steadily declined.  The breaking point came as I carried him kicking and screaming up the stairs to change his diaper.  My temper boiled, angry words just about to spill over when...grace walked in.

 As he kicked and flailed, his sock fell off.  Somehow that simple act flicked a switch and instead of anger, silliness bubbled out.  For those of you who don't know me personally,  I'm not exactly serious.  I have a ready giggle, an infectious smile and a slightly strange sense of humour.  Some people describe me as mischievous.  My kids just call me silly.  Either works really.  When Kian's sock came out, my anger fled to be replace by a serious case of the sillies.  I jumped up and shrieked, pretending to be scandalized by that naked foot! I covered my eyes and shuddered to my son's obvious delight.  Then I tried to put his sock back on all the wrong body parts.  We both giggled.  Soon we were having a such a great time that even Kian's new bad habit of spitting was dealt with in a very calm manner.

 We emerged from my bedroom giggling, not near tears like we had been mere moments previous.  And I realized that sometimes grace comes in ways we don't expect, don't look for.  But oh, it's so sweet, just like little Kian's giggles.


  1. Laughter is such a gift! Your post reminds me how many tense moments can be redeemed by taking life less seriously and more joyfully. Thanks!

  2. Isn't absolutely amazing when grace walks in, right in the knick of time?