Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm grumpy

 Honestly, I'm in a really bad mood right now.  It isn't so much the events of the day itself, so much as it is big decisions and too much emotion.  BLAHHH!

 Today was challenging.  I freaked my mom out when she was over by almost collapsing on the floor.  Thankfully she had brought over a stockpile of prepared meals, so now I have something to cook when I really can't.  Most tasks, including walking up the stairs, are too much right now.  This is unfortunate because our only bathroom is at the top of a steep flight of stairs.  A trip to relieve myself, fetch clean diapers, or carry a stinky, squirming, screaming toddler up the stairs leaves me breathless, light-headed and unable to talk.  It's pretty sucky.

 But in this, God is good.  My mom has provided meals.  She's also prayed with me and for me.  My mother-in-love also prays and babysits often.  Steve has taken up more chores without complaining and comes home early when needed.  My dear neighbour has offered to walk my children to and from school.  Because I was so weak today, I caved in and drove to the school instead of walking.  This had the bonus effect of blessing my neighbour as I drove her too.  I'm praying a lot more and trying not to be hard on myself when I'm not getting things done.  And...I did get the laundry(well, the top basket) folded and put away.  I also emptied the dishwasher all by myself!  As you can tell, I'm trying to rejoice in the little I can accomplish. :)

 Now I'm starting to feel better.  The ache in my chest has passed and although I may cry a bit more, life feels slightly brighter.  Oops, I just remembered lunches aren't made. *sigh* I was going to tell you about my guitar practice session and how I found a song with chords that I know, but instead I must go make lunches.  Healthy, nutritious lunches will be the end of me yet!  See you tomorrow! :)

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