Sunday, September 12, 2010

Return of the 'Rents

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to write tonight, but my mom pointedly asked if I was going to blog tonight. So here I am, blogging.  It was a good day, but a quiet day.  I wasn't feeling well, so didn't go to church.  This isn't that big of a deal since our church is now a network church which means that I was able to watch the same sermon as the rest of my congregation.  There's even a worship time which was nice as well.  Kian enjoyed part of the worship and then went back to watching Dora.  He's enjoying being able to choose his own shows instead of having to negotiate with his siblings.

 My parents are back from canoe camping in Algonquin, so they came over for dinner.  It was nice to hear about their adventures.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest,  but they had a lot of fun regardless. At one point, Mom didn't have any dry socks so she bought some.  She chose a striped, bright-blue knee high pair of socks.  As this is more in my taste then hers, I am now the proud owner of said pair of socks.  They are warm and cozy and match quite well with my knee-length skater shorts.  Oh, am I ever setting a fashion statement today!

 Anyhoo, I'm happy and tired, but not bad tired.  Off to bed I go.  Tomorrow is a big day with school for both of my munchkins, dance for Aris and a first client visit for me tonight.   Wow! That will be busy!

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