Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Which Aris Begins Grade Two

I should point out that this title is inspired by the chapter titles of Winnie the Pooh or books like that.  I can almost here the audio book now...Please imagine a slight British accent.

 There was both sorrow and rejoicing today.  The wonderful Miss Aris started grade two today.  I cannot believe that she is in her second year of full-time school! *shakes head*  This summer went far to fast and I am loath to see my children off to school again.  This is a big improvement from last year where I squandered my time and was ecstatic to send my children, especially a certain little boy, off to school.  However, there was cause for rejoicing at the school yard.  My friends were there!

 I think we are definitely succeeding in our goal of building community when we not only miss the other parents during the summer, but we greet them with exuberant hugs and proclamations of how much we missed them and how good it is to see them!  I hugged quite a few other parents and some staff today at school.  There were more that I didn't hug just because I either didn't see them or they were otherwise occupied.  I think the tendency as adults is to hold ourselves aloof.  We don't make friends easily with people outside of our circle.  It can be very intimidating to befriend someone from a different culture, especially if they barely speak our language.   For these reasons, I rejoice in what's happening at our little school and what this is teaching our children.  I could be naive, but I believe this is just the beginning of something really cool.  I can't wait to deepen the friendships I have, make new friends and as always share some great food.

 I will miss my monkeys as they head back to school, but I'm excited for more playground conversations, sharing food at school events, and building relationships as we walk to and from the school.  :)

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