Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 It's been a crazy crazy day.  But we have survived.  And my friend's daughter,  who was hit by a cyclist on the sidewalk, is home from the hospital and snug in her bed. I hope.

 Anyhoo, I was given a wonderful gift this morning.  If you count the super-amazing, unexpected good behaviour of my son, two gifts.  He was in a mood this morning, but surprisingly settled down and did not bite, hit, kick or yell at the other small child he was playing beside.  This was a huge blessing.  (yes, kian is violent.  We'll blame that on......Steve.  Yes, that's right because Kian's mother isn't violent at all *snort*).  The other gift I was given was understanding.

 This past year has been rough. Most people that are sympathetic and compassionate really don't understand.  For the most part I'm glad they don't understand because that means they haven't been through something like this.  But still, it's hard.  Today I had tea and fantastic banana bread with someone who did understand.  Her life blew apart just over two years ago.  Since then she's experienced some of the same things I have: being kicked out of leadership, being ostracized, possibly being maliciously gossiped about, losing friends and losing a sense of safety.  There are places that we both don't go to anymore just because it's not safe.  We've had to give things up, not because of what we've done wrong, but because of the choices of others.  It is a hard place to be.

 But in this place, God has done something amazing in our lives.  I've seen my friend grow deeply these past two years.  Her courage amazes me.  Her strength and faith are a testament to the Holy Spirit at work in her life.  I don't really see it, but my husband sees similar things in my life.  I just see where the sin has been exposed, where I've had to repent, confess and find new, healthier ways of living life.  I think my friend can say the same.

 To be honest, as brutal as this year has been, I'm so thankful that it happened.  I don't want to be who I was last year.  Granted, it's a lot better than who I was 9 years ago, but still...I'm a work-in-progress.  The last thing I want is to stagnate or worse yet, disintegrate.  It was such a blessing to sit with someone who understood.  Our situations are different, but we were able to relate on so many different levels.  I came away encouraged, strengthened and blessed.  Thank you!


  1. did you mean to say that most people who are sympathetic and compassionate don't understand? If so, why do you think that is? I think lots and lots of people have been through something similar, unfortunately. I know how it feels and how important it is to move forward and grow from the painful experience. Keep living a life of repentance. In this, you can never go wrong. <3

  2. those kindred spirit friends are such a rich blessing.

    and the healing that come through time and trial is beautiful, too.