Monday, September 27, 2010

Police Checks and Amazing Pizza

 I'm writing this post for my mother.  When she called today, she asked why I hadn't written yesterday.  So rather than get called on the carpet two days in a row, I'm writing a quick little post.  I just finished a massive post for tomorrow's Radical Read-along with Marla which is why this one will be so little.

 I've had a very challenging day energy-wise, but I made bread, had tea with the wonderful J, and paired up one pair of socks.  Yes, the laundry did not get put away today.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.  Steve had to leave work early to pick up Zane. After school, he headed to get the police checks, but I needed mine as well, so he picked me up.  Unfortunately, we left them too late, but since we were in that area of town, we decided to take the boys on a date and went to an amazing pizza place.  It was so good I ate three slices.  Steve was slightly shocked.  Zane wimped out and only ate cheese pizza, but he ate most of it.  Kian tried our much more interesting selection, but I don't know how much of it he ate.  He was having a lot of fun though.  Between my visit uptown, and a stampin' up party this evening, I now have Christmas presents purchased for two family members.  It isn't even October.  Now to remember that I bought them...

 Mom, I hope you enjoyed this.  Good night, everyone! :)


  1. It is always nice reading your posts no matter how brief :)
    We weren't in today, I wasn't avoiding the phone! I should be in tomorrow afternoon or late in the evening and I'll try calling then. Miss you. Hugs.

  2. Thank you, Grace. As always, I enjoy your posts. But what in the heck do you guys need police checks for?