Monday, May 10, 2010

Babies and Sentences

 Recently Kian has entered an argumentative stage.  He doesn't want to do anything I tell him, especially if it involves putting on clothes.  Instead he screams.  I don't like this stage.  As a result, this morning did not start out well.  But then Kian was extremely adorable.

 He's started speaking in sentences.  Some of them aren't complete like "Dora favourite", but it's just so cute!  He's also started saying "Yes, it is" although that one is both cute and annoying since this means Kian is now arguing with me.  I don't remember the other two starting quite this  young.  He also asks "why?"  This morning two of his favourite words were "dangerous" and "favourite".  It was adorable!

 My dear friend V had a baby a week and a half ago.  She lives in my complex and we often walk over to visit.  Kian was very excited to go see his friends, especially the baby.  He had to go over and wave at the baby as soon as we got there.  Since the wee one is so young Kian isn't allowed to hold him yet, but he really wants to.  I had to remind Kian to be gentle a couple of times, but he was mostly really good with the baby.  It's so cute how much he loves babies.

 Although Kian is in a really challenging stage right now, I'm loving watching him grow and develop.  His language skills are developing quickly often in really funny ways.  Kian makes us laugh on a regular basis. It's neat seeing his memory develop as he's starting to remember songs and house rules. I love my KiKi bear very much!

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