Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Borrowed Grace

 My biggest bad habit is laziness.  It's not so much being lazy as it is being overwhelmed by the task at hand.  So instead of tackling the task, I get overwhelmed and just don't start.  Over the past year I've been really working on getting work done instead of procrastinating.  Since I was the Queen of Procrastination, I like to think I've made some progress and am now only a Duchess of Procrastination.  Obviously I still have a long way to go.

 Recently I've been extremely tired.  We're currently not sure what's wrong because I'm refusing to go to the doctor.  Yes, I'm a wee bit of an idiot, but I want to control for certain things before I take the time and energy to go to the doctors office.  Typically when I go in, often with all of my kids in tow *shudder*, the doctor listens and then brushes me off.  Right now I don't have the patience to deal with that, so I'm doing my own experiments first.  Unfortunately, this means that it is really hard to get anything done around my house.  Being tired is one thing, being light headed, dizzy and so tired I can't get out a complete sentence is another.   I do what I can around the house, but Steve has to work and I have to have enough energy to cope with three very energetic kids.

 But because my biggest bad habit is laziness and procrastination, I feel so guilty all the time!  It is hard to separate out what is a genuine need to rest and what is just me being lazy again.  Which would tend to explain why I push myself instead of actually resting.  That and the fact that my house is driving me crazy.  The other day I called Steve at work and told him I needed to borrow grace.  He said "huh?" So I explained what was going on and that I was being really hard on myself, but needed him to extend grace to me so I could in turn extend it to myself.  He did and it worked. :)

 Today was another bad day.  I really wanted to cook dinner.  I got some chores done today, but then was a wreck by the time I got the kids home from school.  My wonderful husband had to extend more grace to me and then he made supper for us.  I am so blessed by my wonderful man.  He is such a helpful blessing. (Helpful ranks very highly on the list of good adjectives in our house.  This seems to have come with having children).  Not only did he make dinner, Steve also gave Zane a fauxhawk.  Details and pics to follow(I hope!).

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