Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ghost Rabbit

 Kian is slightly stubborn.  Well, the slightly may be an understatement...anyways, meal times end up being interesting.  Typically I convince him to eat his food by pretending that it is some sort of animal and that he is a large carnivore.  But tonight we were eating a vegetarian meal.  It just isn't as much fun to pretend he's a dinosaur when his food doesn't make squeaking sounds.

 Unfortunately, this presents a problem when he doesn't want to eat his food and it's not meat.  Enter the rabbit.   My mother has problems with rabbits that eat her garden.  So now when we're eating vegetables, he gets to be one of the scary rabbits that eats grammy's garden.   When he started eating his carrots, he put down his fork, covered his eyes and then started trying to eat his carrots.  He was being a ghost rabbit! Needless to say, trying to eat his carrots with his eyes closed didn't work.  Aris stepped in and fed him his carrots so that the ghost rabbit didn't start crying. It was too cute!  Vegetables beware! The ghost rabbit is hungry! :)

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