Friday, May 28, 2010

A Hat and a View

 Today I bought a beautiful hat.  After finding out what medication I've been taking, the nurse practictioner strongly advised me to buy a big floppy sun hat.  Apparently one of the side effects to my meds is photosensitivity.  This explains why I've been burning so easily recently.  Here I thought I'd imagined my previous "don't burn, don't tan" skin.  Now I do both very easily.  So I took the NP's advice and bought a beautiful bright coloured hat with a large brim.  It's truly lovely!

 Unfortunately, while I was at the mall, I fell and injured both knees.  That part sucks.  But what didn't suck was the reaction of the lovely people in my life.  J took great care of me and came by to check on me later. Veronica fussed over me, and my dad brought me junk food and insisted I ice my knees.  Steve's parents won the award for best taking care of injured Grace though.  They took us to the local conservation area for a picnic.  There in the middle of the city is a beautiful oasis.  I haven't been there in years and was thrilled by the beauty.  I couldn't do much walking, so I just sat on the bench and soaked in the beauty.  There is a small man-made lake with a couple of islands.  When we arrived it was raining and shrouded in mist.  Oh so gorgeous!  I sat and drank in the view and felt so much better. It was amazing!

 Where was my wonderful husband?  The dear man has gone to Ottawa for the weekend, so I am on my own.  It's amazing what disasters happen when he goes away.  Last year it was a car accident.  Hopefully a fall will be the worst of it this year.  So I am extra thankful for all of the caring I have received today.  I would appreciate prayer that I will be able to walk tomorrow.  Good night!

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