Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Party Madness

 Tomorrow my little girl turns seven years old.  She had her party this morning at a local farm that specializes in horses.  Aris has been asking for a riding party ever since she attended one two years ago.  I didn't think it was in our budget, but her paternal grandparents decided to help us throw the party.  Although I was incredibly nervous this morning, the party ended up being fantastic.

 This was the first birthday party that I haven't been in charge of.  All I had to do was invite people, provide food and show up.  I was both relieved and stressed all at the same time.  This morning when I was feeling particularly anxious I asked Steve to pray for peace.  Every time I was tempted to stress after that I just told myself to relax and remember that God is in control.  Even though we hit every red light on our way across town, we still managed to arrive on time.  And I wasn't a big ball of stress when we got there.

 There is so much I could say about this morning but I am so tired that my words are escaping me.  The party was lovely.  The kids were well behaved, we had enough of everything, and all the grown-ups got along too.  There was an ewe wandering about the property with two little lambs alternately frolicking and lazing about.  Kian loved the sheep and the lambs.  He's really into identifying family groups right now so he kept pointing at the ram and saying "daddy seep! daddy!"  Kian also enjoyed petting one of the free-range hens.

 Aris was hysterical! She enjoyed herself immensely and was on very good behaviour.  What was funny was how much she likes to be in charge.  She organized the present giving and led the singing of happy birthday.  The best part was that she did it well.  We had one small issue where she started to get upset, but one of her friends came over and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.  Aris calmed down and we proceeded with eating cake.  She was upset because she just couldn't wait another minute to open her presents and yet her very mean mother made her eat cake first.  The nerve!

 Birthday parties can be incredibly nerve-wracking especially in terms of behaviour.  I was so blessed to see Aris respond well and demonstrate her strengths.  She truly is a great leader.  We're working on the being obedient to authorities, respecting others and the art of compromise, but today she led very well.  I was proud of her.  Happy birthday, Miss Aris! :)

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