Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snow White and Inspired by Seuss.

  This afternoon we attended Aris' dance recital.  Each year her dance studio puts on an amazing performance.  The first part is a story, the next a collection of pieces around a theme.  Last  year Aris was a hedgehog in Alice in Wonderland while this year she was a jewel in Snow White.  Both years she has danced beautifully. We are very proud of our little dancer.

 Aris joined us at intermission as did her dad and Steve's parents.  We had been sitting in different spots, but as my parents and Terence's parents left at intermission, we had space for everyone who was left to join us.  Aris was thrilled to watch the (mostly) big kids dance.  The show was absolutely amazing.  Aris danced to the Forest Gump suite which sounded very familiar to me during rehearsals.  It turns out that I played that piece in band which would be why it sounded so very familiar.  Steve and I both enjoyed the performance with our favourite piece being a large en-pointe number.  The dancers were wearing bright polka-dotted tutus.  The only problem with the recital was that all the colour and movement was making my headache worse.  But I survived.

 After the recital, the four of us went out for dinner.  Aris had requested King's Buffet with just her parents, so we left the boys with a babysitter.  Our friends had graciously agreed to babysit during the recital, but we were nervous about leaving them during dinner as well.  We called several times, but kept being reassured that both the boys and the parents were fine and to enjoy our dinner.  So we did. Aris' dad came with us and we had a lovely meal the four of us all together.  Recently things have been tense so it was really nice to have such a nice relaxing dinner and great food.  At the end of our meal, an elderly couple came up to us and gave Aris a balloon and paper crown.  It had been the man's birthday and he didn't want to keep his balloon or crown, so he shared with Aris.  She was delighted!

 It was a great afternoon and we had a quiet evening to finish it.  Now I'm going to drink my tea and finish my book.  Life is good. :)

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