Sunday, May 9, 2010

Morning Gifts

 I am not a morning person!  At one point in my life I was, but after many years of sleep deprivation I prefer to sleep for as long as I can.  My husband is wonderful and lets me get up slowly in the morning.  Since my brain doesn't function well in the early hours, he also cooks breakfast.  After watching me attempt to feed people in the morning, he has come to the conclusion that this is safest way to ensure we all are fed.

 Last night I went to bed with a brutal migraine.  It took me quite awhile to get to sleep which meant I was not at all pleased when little boys crawled into bed with me this morning.  Fortunately their daddy shooed them downstairs to feed them.  Then he came back up with my Mother's Day present.  Steve warned me on Friday that he hadn't bought what I requested.  Instead he handed me a little gift bag filled with some of my favourite treats: ginger chews, organic chocolate bars(mint and ginger flavours), and powdered chai mix.  I felt so incredibly loved!

 The rest of the day was interesting.  Zane threw up in the car(in a bag fortunately), my family had a crisis and Aris had an explosive meltdown.  The sermon had some things I needed to hear, my friend came to church and then to lunch with me and we had yummy steak for dinner.  I think my waking gift helped keep the positives from overshadowing the negatives today.  For that I am incredibly thankful.  Happy Mother's Day! :)

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