Tuesday, May 4, 2010

 Last week was pretty harsh and this week did not begin well.  However, I think that this week may be on the road to redemption.  Yesterday was good.  Today was better.  I was productive this morning and made bread while accomplishing other chores.  Kian had two baths today and each of his siblings was bathed once.  My bathroom has not floated away yet.   We walked home through the woods today and saw many beautiful wild flowers and several colourful butterflies.  The crab apple trees smell fantastic!  On the way to the library I was serenaded with bird song.  The lovely J cooked us dinner tonight and we enjoyed both the fantastic food and company.  Then another friend came by for tea while a former neighbour dropped in to say hi.  It has been a day full of beauty and friends.

 While soothing, the past few days haven't magically erased all the pain and doubts I'm wrestling with.  Rather they've just eased the turmoil enough that I can think a little clearer.  I'm choosing to trust that one day I'll have good answers.  Until then I'm going to continue to enjoy the butterflies, flowers, friends and food.  For these blessings, I am deeply thankful.

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