Monday, April 19, 2010

Advil, Tea and Donuts

 On today's list of gratitude, advil ranks pretty high.  I am also thankful for tea, donuts and friends to share both with.  Although suffering from a headache, I enjoyed two times of fellowship with my friends this evening.  My LifeGroup met at Tim Horton's tonight with just the women in attendance.  It was such a blessing to talk honestly without fear of judgement with these dear friends.  I am so grateful for these women who are seeking God in such a real way while fully acknowledging the storms in their lives.  There weren't any plastic Christians at our table tonight!

 When I arrived home, I was fully intending to go straight to bed.  But my neighbours had left me a present, so I needed to thank them.  What was supposed to be a quick visit ended up being a much longer one.  Once Steve showed up, J. made us both tea and pulled out the cookies. We laughed a lot.  My neighbours have seen my messy house.  They've seen my kids have full-out temper tantrums.  Tonight they saw me so ridiculously tired that at one point I stopped speaking in English.  But my dear neighbours love me even though I'm so far from perfect.  I am so blessed by the presence of people in my life who are real with me and that I in turn can be transparent with.  The fact that I can share laughter, tea, donuts, and headache remedies with them is just a bonus. :)

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