Sunday, April 25, 2010

Peaceful Parent(ing)

 I'm not going to lie.  Today was bad. By two in the afternoon I was distressed and exhibiting signs of high blood pressure.  Unfortunately, this weekend Aris was away which meant that I needed to deal with her in full blown transition mode.   I didn't have the emotional resources left to deal with her tantrums.  On the way home, Aris wanted to do something with me so I suggested going to my mom's.  We were on the expressway, not far from my mom's exit.  I called, my mom agreed, Steve dropped us off.  Grammy was already hauling out her bead supplies and my dad was waking up from his afternoon nap.  While Aris was busy, I went upstairs and poured my heart out to my dad.  My dad is wonderful!  He listened, made insightful comments and rubbed my foot.  I felt so much better.  When I was done, we watched some videos on YouTube where I introduced my dad to Carrie Underwood. :)

 The time at my parents was pretty low-key.  My mom made a great dinner, Aris made me a necklace, and Dad was his normal wonderful self running errands, listening and telling stories.  I felt so much better when we left.  Being with my peaceful parents really restored my soul. :)

 After we put the kids to bed, my friend came over for tea.  She had a rough weekend and needed someone to talk to.  Over tea and biscuits, she shared that her boyfriend was criticizing how she was taking care of a baby.  Recently, I came across some articles that discussed in lengths the very issues she was fighting with her boyfriend over.  I pulled up one of my favourite blogs and searched for the articles I was looking for. Several minutes and a consult with Steve later, the articles were printed and in my friend's hand.  My reading enabled her to have the information she needed to make good decisions.  I am so thankful for the excellent people who take the time to research, publish and write articles that help parents make good choices.  Peaceful Parenting, I appreciate you! :)

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