Wednesday, April 14, 2010


 What would life be like if it wasn't shared?  Most things are better when experienced with a friend, and sorrows often feel lighter when disclosed to a sympathetic ear.  Dress shopping goes better and is much more enjoyable when done with a friend.  Doing something challenging like climbing a lighthouse or parasailing(Mom, you know you want to!) is less daunting while squeezing your loved one's hand.

 I am so blessed to live a shared life.  We literally live in community.  Our townhouse is on the inside row of a loose square of buildings.  Sometimes this can seem a little intimidating as there isn't much in the way of privacy.  Our neighbours across the way are Muslims, so I feel awkward when Steve and I kiss in front of an open window as PDAs are taboo in their culture.  I'm a wee bit wary of swimsuit season coming up. I imagine I'll be even less comfortable making my way to and from the pool knowing that my bathing costume is potentially offensive. :S  Our walls are thin so I never know exactly what and how much my neighbours hear from us.  Or what they think after one of my children has thrown a screaming fit.  So far we haven't been reported to CAS(that I know of), so I'll take that as a good sign.

 But there are many blessings that come with living this type of life.  I often walk to school with one of my neighbours as we leave at the same time.  The walk is much more enjoyable with another adult to share it with.  During the day I often have tea or a playdate with one of my neighbours.  Sometimes we go to the library, park or to the mall together.  Life is better when done together.  Time seems to go faster and I don't feel as isolated.

 Today was spent in community.  From brief talks in a parking lot to several shared meals this evening I have not been alone.  Not only do I have a very happy tummy right now, I have also had my small little view of the world challenged.  I've come away with new ideas for prayer, new trips to plan and a new lasagna recipe to try.  This sharing of life isn't always easy, but it's good.  I am blessed. :)

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