Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Am Hungry!!!!

Today has been good. My parents have made it safely to Brownsville, Texas for their 30th anniversary trip, I had a great shopping trip with Kate and purchased some cute clothes that actually look cute on me, Steve and I went to a play put on by some of "our" teens, and I finished making my chocolate covered cream eggs. Since I had leftover melted chocolate, I then dipped strawberries in the chocolate. My house is a very good place to come if you need a sugar high. :)

This evening was great as Steve and I got to go out without our kids. My FIL babysat, while my MIL came with. In between each scene, the lights went out and upbeat music played. After about 6 of these, Steve and I got bored so I started demanding kisses each time the lights went out. We knew a lot of people there so Steve would only chastely kiss my cheek. It was pretty funny! I am very very hungry so we stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Now I need to go eat my yummy salad that was 50% off. Hopefully eating something healthy will either prevent me from eating more junk food or at the very least balance it out. :)

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