Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea in the Sunshine

Today started out with good ideas. I was motivated and in a very good mood. After spending a good chunk of the morning doing really well, I crashed. Important thoughts had been coalescing in my brain, but when I tried to express them to my wonderful husband it didn't work. My words seem to fall flat and then my darling child decided that he needed to take this opportunity to crawl all over me and tug at my hair. It was not a good scene.

But although I felt despairing, I soldiered on trying to wash dishes, feed kids, make bread. Then my son suggested playing with our neighbour. That was a good idea. I followed my kids over bearing tea and bread. My lovely neighbour also thought this was a good idea, so out we went into the sun and sat with our little picnic. My soul was refreshed, sitting in the sun with tea, bread and a good friend. I thank my God often when I think of my dear new neighbour! :)

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