Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Parents Are Home!

 Yay! My parents are finally home! After two weeks of adventuring, the happy wanderers have returned.  Intending to merely have a pleasure trip, my parents ended getting very involved in ministry both on the American and Mexican side of the border.  After a week of that, my parents went to the Gulf for a second honeymoon.  I'm very glad that they had such a great trip, but I'm also very glad that they are back.

 There has been much to be thankful for recently.  Aris has had a very good week.  My wonderful husband built a bunkbed for the boys today together with a good friend.  I'm thankful not only that we now have a bunk bed, but also for how talented and handy my husband is.  When we got married, I really didn't think he was handy.  I was delightedly surprised when he started moving in his tools and camping equipment. I am also thankful that our marriage survived today(it was stressful for me), and for wonderful in-laws that come to babysit so that we could have an emergency date.  Thankfully we like each other again. :)

 My list keeps going.  Aris read a book in Chapters yesterday.  Her reading is improving daily.  I made bread with my kids today.  Aris made a salad all by herself on Thursday and it was yummy.  My kids are growing both physically and in the grace and knowledge of Christ.  Today was crazy.  I barely sat down.  But even though today pushed my limits and my buttons, I am so thankful for all of the big and little blessings in my life.  I'm also so grateful for the unmerited, freely given forgiveness that I receive after I blow it.  And now, I'm thankful for my nice warm bed.  Good night! :)

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