Sunday, April 18, 2010

Napping with Kian

 I'm sad to say that my baby typically doesn't nap.  Although my other children napped regularly until they were three, Kian quit naps early.  We're not entirely sure why.  One day he was going down for a nap without any fuss, the next he screamed for hours instead of sleeping.  So we've given up on him napping.  Sometimes he sleeps, but only while nursing on my lap or in the car or on my back.  I miss naptime!
 But today, my darling little boy actually slept.  I was exhausted after church today.  So after our friends left, Kian and I crawled into bed together.  He nursed for awhile and then passed out.  We had a lovely cuddle and nap together.  Unfortunately he did not wake up well and screamed for awhile, but the nap was lovely.  Once Kian woke up, he was lovely too. :)

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