Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I'll be very honest and admit that yes, I am a horrible housekeeper. *sigh* This is one of my greatest failings. I am continually in the process of becoming a better housekeeper, and am currently attempting to chase the chaos out of my house by tackling the worst areas. Hopefully this will eventually result in a tidy house. Well, a girl can dream. :)

Over the past week or so, I have been slowly tackling this problem areas. I'm guising this as spring cleaning, when really it's more of a "my house is a dragon and I'm tired of feeding it princesses, so now I'm hunting it down and killing it". Wow...that was a long sentence...anyhoo...I am slowly cleaning my house. Yesterday I tackled the top of the fridge and my kitchen counters. Today I did laundry and started work on Aris' floor. This may take awhile. Unfortunately, I burned my thumb this afternoon while making lunch, so I ended up doing more reading than working. Although this process is taking much longer than I would like(where is my magic wand again?), I am finding joy in restoring order to small sections of my house. Periodically, I stop and stare at my clean fridge top. It is a source of joy to me right now. :) Wow...I either need to get out more or have a cleaner house. :)

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  1. I totally get the top of the fridge thing... except mine isn't cleaned off... but were it actually ever cleaned off, I'd admire it too!

    What I do admire is my linen closet -- a masterpiece of perfection (that's because no one messes it up again)!! Unfortunately, no one ever looks in there and notices that I actually *can* make something look good. You would think I'd choose someplace obvious... but no, my housekeeping prowess is displayed in a virtually invisible location. Help!