Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebrating J.

 Today is my dear neighbour's birthday.  Although today was hectic, once I remembered that it was J's birthday I decided that we would throw her a party.  So we bought a cake, some tea and invited ourselves and some other friends over to their house.  Normally on a friend's birthday, I just wish them happy birthday.  I used to really make an effort, but after some "interesting" outcomes, I've stopped.  This would be an area in my life where I feel like my giftings are really a failure.

 But J's birthday is different.  This dear friend has only been in Canada for just over a month.  She doesn't have family here other than her husband and son and has never had to celebrate her birthday without her family and friends.  And it was her very first birthday in Canada.  As such it must be celebrated properly.  Not only did we get cake, card and gift but I also learned how to wish someone happy birthday in Russian.  This is a very hard language to learn and much mocking and hilarity ensued.  But it was worth it for J to be celebrated in her own language.  I am so thankful for friends, late night parties, good chocolate cake and great tea.  I think I'm thankful for another friend who speaks Russian, but that's currently, I am very thankful for his patience as well.  I am so blessed. :)

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