Thursday, June 3, 2010


 Being a mother has changed me.  One of the biggest changes has been adaptation.  I'm not good at change and I'm pretty fearful.  I'm also very aware of my limitations.  But I'll try just about anything for my children when they get that look.  Today Aris wanted to make tarts. Specifically rhubarb tarts.  So I got out my crust, found a recipe and then adapted it.  I love to bake, but I still feel new enough at it that I don't like to mess with recipes.  I looked online and in my baking guidebooks, but couldn't find anything to help me. Because I love my daughter, we experimented.  The tarts turned out lovely.  We made 24 bite-sized tarts and then use the leftovers in a small pie.  It was a success, even with using cherry jello instead of strawberry. Yes Mom, I did use your recipe. I'm thankful for the fun we had baking and for the personal growth I'm experiencing because of my lovely littles.  Now I need to make more pie crust for my freezer for the next baking frenzy. :)

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