Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Neath Dappled Sun...

 we sit, three mamas.   Our kids run, nurse, cuddle, and playfight with swords as we share our hearts.  Parenting books sit on the patio table as we try to be better mamas, wiser mamas.  Underneath the pines, we share coffee, pizzas, salad and our hearts.  It is good.

 Later in a kitchen with iced coffees in hand, I sit with different mamas.  At an impromptu after-school date we sit around the table, listening to happy children play.  We sit quietly, chatting about summer plans, library programs, grief, death, loss.  We sit quietly, just enjoying the chance to be together, to be valued.  It is also good.

 Life is not meant to be lived alone.  We can't thrive all boxed up, isolated.  It doesn't work.  So I treasure these moments of impromptu feasts when we can be mothers and women together.  We encourage each other, share wisdom.  In these moments, I am blessed.


  1. Grace - what a beautiful picture of mama-friendship you have painted! It is truly a blessing when we as women are able to look past our differences and share the challenges and joys of being a mom. So glad you have friends to share these moments with :)

  2. you are so blessed... God gathers when we do.

  3. i wholeheartedly agree Grace. life is so much easier when we are not alone.