Monday, June 21, 2010

And the countdown is on...

 My wonderful husband will be home in 24 hours(hopefully less)!  I am just a little bit excited about his homecoming.  Just a wee bit.  We've had a very full five days and some very interesting bedtimes.  Nothing like the diaper-wearing two year old getting out of bed twice because he has to use the washroom.  Right. Try using the bathroom during the day and then I'll honour your request at bedtime.  Seriously!  Of course then I feel guilty for stifling his attempts at pottytraining.  *sigh*

 We had a minor miracle last night.  Kian actually slept through which meant I woke up feeling extremely refreshed. Then all three of the kids slept in.  The next miracle was making it to school mostly on time.  We were late, but not late-slip late. :)  It's amazing how good uninterrupted sleep feels.  I was beginning to forget.  Now to get some more sleep...goodnight! :)

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