Saturday, June 5, 2010

Building a Community One BBQ at a Time

 Several weeks ago, we had a fantastic barbeque with our neighbours.  Such a great time was had that we decided to do it again.  It was a great afternoon spent with new and older friends.  Both Steve and I have been getting to know separately another family at school and we invited them to join us.  Our neighbours invited one of their friends who is new to this region as well.  It was a loud chaotic and very fun afternoon spent out in the sun.  J and I made desserts and a salad together both of which turned out very well.  I was really impressed that the desserts survived since I accidentally left the brownies in 18 minutes too long.  Thankfully both brownies and the rhubarb crisp survived. :)

 I am thankful for good food, good friends, a beautiful day, living next to a forest, finding Kian when he ran away(again!), and for a good God who gives good gifts.  Good night! :)

 p.s. i'm also very thankful for grandparents who take grandchildren for sleep-overs.  steve and i had a very good night's sleep and a peaceful morning.  personally i felt very refreshed this morning even in the midst of chaotic barbeque prep.  nothing quite like attending a school anniversary party while you're supposed to preparing food. :) and on that front, i'm also very thankful for unexpected faith conversations with old teachers. that was neat!

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