Friday, June 25, 2010

Nieces that Clean

 I am a horrible housekeeper.  Although I've been trying very hard and perhaps improving a little, my house is still quite messy.  This probably has something to do with the three children age seven and under living in my house, but my poor housekeeping skills don't help.  Neither has being sick the last couple of months.  Although my energy levels seem to stabilizing and the spells of lightheadedness have become much less frequent, I still haven't gotten back to some of the messier spots in my house like Aris' room.  Her room is probably the worst in the house for a variety of reasons.

 Well, Aris' room was cleaned today and it's a bit of a funny story.

 I have one niece.  She is four years old and very very sweet.  This morning she ended up coming over for an impromptu playdate.  We were very happy to have her over as Kian plays very well with her.  It's nice for cousins to play together.  At one point, she asked to play dress-up.  All of our girl dress-up clothes are in Aris' room so I pointed her in the right direction.  After a long while, I went upstairs to check on her.  She had been playing for a very long time and very quietly.  I expected to find her all decked out in various shades of pink, but she wasn't.  Instead she proudly announced" Aunt Grace, I cleaned Aris' bed."  "Oh, you're cleaning her room? That's very sweet of you!" "No, I clean her BED!!!" I went in to check and sure enough, my lovely little niece had taken everything off of Aris' bed(she stockpiles everything there), and then made it back up.  The finished product was quite impressive.  Humbled by a four year old's initiative and cleaning skills,  I began to clean too.  Kian even helped by putting dirty clothes into the hamper.  Aris' room looks much better.  There's still work to be done, but it's nice to see the floor again.  And I have to admit it was very nice to clean with a little girl.  Perhaps she can come over to teach her cousins how to clean. :)

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