Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're Back!

 The VB crew is back from a fabulous mini-vacation away.  We had a great time with very little in the way of injuries, no sunburns(that I'm aware of), no lost children, and two children that got completely covered in mud.  Aris was embarrassed,  Zane thought it was okay, and Steve and I laughed our heads off.  But of course we forgot to take pictures.  Steve wants to watch tv that scares me(yes, I'm a wuss), so I'm going to read my book instead.  I'm so tired and yet so happy!  Best part: no meltdowns from the oldest child on the way home or at bedtime! Can you say miracle?  And she asked for a treat of a big cold glass of water!  We are so thankful and relieved by her awesome behaviour! Okay, good night now, for real this time. :)

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