Sunday, June 13, 2010

 I am thankful for a lot right now.  It's been an extremely rough couple of days, but oh am i blessed! Here's my list:
-a wonderful pastoral couple who have walked with us through a challenging 9 months and continue to love, pray, encourage and challenge us.
-rhubarb upsidedown cake with warm vanilla sauce
-afternoon playdates for my older two children
-a baby with adventurous eating habits(he ate sweet corn and shrimp dumplings)
-a lunch date with my love(and the adventurous baby) at spring rolls
-rock'n'roll worship
-parents who pray
-a husband who prays
-local delicious carrots all cut up for our mini-vacation tomorrow
-a much anticipated mini-vacation

 My list could be much longer.  I am blessed. Most likely I won't blog tomorrow as we will be in Niagara Falls on a family vacation.  I am very excited!

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