Friday, June 11, 2010

Babysitting, Shopping and Poutine

 I'll be honest. Today has been rough.  I woke up early with a headache and eyes that were still sore from crying.  Both my husband and I shed tears this morning, with me crying off and on throughout the day.  We were zombies trying to navigate a changed landscape.  The *funny* part is that life hasn't really changed, we just had our suspicions confirmed.  Still, we had held out hope.

 Last night, Steve's parents babysat for us.  When we came home visibly upset, they sat and listened for several hours.  This morning, my MIL called to see how she could help.  I was hoping to sleep, so she took Kian.  Unfortunately, sleep didn't happen.  Once I'm awake, it's very rare for me to go back to sleep.  But the wonderful J invited me to go to the mall with her.  Her company was exactly what I needed.  We had a good trip.  We both love shoes(and dresses) so we have a great time scoping out the footwear.  J is older and wiser so she gave good advice.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful friend!

 I was very bad today and didn't end up eating until after 1pm.  My sugars were a mess. :( Since I was having such a bad day, I decided to eat delicious, but bad for me food.  Our transfer had almost expired, so we grabbed poutine and a hot dog from the food court and hurried to catch the bus.  J kept sniffing the bag the whole way home. We were both so hungry!  Upon arriving home, we shared lunch at her house.  It was very very nice.  :)

 Today has been rough.  I'm probably going to game more than normal over the next couple of days.  But I'm holding out hope that we will be okay.  My faith is tattered right now, but I'm so thankful for all the little and big blessings in my life.  Even in this difficult time, I am blessed.

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  1. Love you Gracie. Thinking of you from over here and hoping (and knowing) that things will get better.