Monday, June 28, 2010

Talent Show

 Zane is officially done his very first year of school! It's hard to believe that the year is already over.  To celebrate the year-end, my children's school held a talent show.  Each class was responsible for a presentation and there were opportunities for individual and group performances.  Aris has wanted to perform a song she wrote with her dad since last year, but she missed last year's audition deadline.  After waiting a year, she made sure to fill out the permission slip and audition.  Even though she didn't have accompaniment, her teacher still said she could perform.

 Today was the big day.  Aris put on a special outfit, found her fanciest shoes and brought along a brush and lipgloss so that she would look spectacular for her solo.  Her dad recorded himself playing her music, sent it to us and we burned it to a disc.  Unfortunately, the cd wouldn't play.  That didn't stop my little girl! Without a microphone, she sang her song loud and clear while dancing.  It was amazing! We were very proud of her performance, persistence and peace of mind.  She did an excellent job.

 It was a privilege to watch today's talent show.  There were many great performers and they all did their best.  This yearly show is yet another reason why we love our school so much.  We are blessed with a great community, amazing staff and energetic, enthusiastic students. :)

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