Friday, July 16, 2010

 The baby woke up screaming.  He kicked, fussed and wailed for about half an hour while his mama, tired from a headache that kept her awake all night, tried desperately to soothe him.  Nothing worked, everything bringing forth a loud NO from the poor grumpy baby.  Pulled into chest, the mama prayed for peace, and the little one settled. For a minute.  He wailed and flailed some more, finally choosing to nurse and to calm.  Days don't start well when begun that way.

 A grumpy baby became the theme for the day.  He didn't want to do anything.  The poor mama was tired, the pain finally diminished, but no chance to sleep.  The baby couldn't make up his mind, didn't know what he wanted.  The mama wanted to clean.  Her kitchen was a disaster, laundry needed folding, more laundry needed washing.  Her chaos threshold was at it's limit.  But the poor baby didn't want his mama to clean.  She felt tired, frustrated, like a failure.

 Much later, three mamas took a long walk.  Through parking lots, down long sidewalks, ducking under overhanging trees they went.  Laughing, near tears, angry beyond words and many places in the middle they felt.  They shared stories, hugs and compassion.  Then they arrived at their destination.  Marble Slab. Three very thankful mamas bought ice cream(yay for coupons!) to savour on the long walk back.  As the sun slowly set, the mamas arrived back home in a much better frame of mind.  Sometimes, life is harder than we can handle well or easily.  But friendship, long walks and good ice cream help ease the burden and give those mamas the strength and hope to keep on walking.

 Husbands that don't get mad because their wives forgot(again) that they can't read their minds and disappear without telling them where they are going are an asset too! (I thought I told him. Really)  Seriously, Steve rocks!

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