Monday, July 5, 2010

Heatwave, the Queen and Yoga

 This will be a very short post since I'm extremely tired.  I just finished my first yoga class in months, which of course was a killer.  This may have had something to do with my asking to work on abs...

 It's hot, hot, hot today with the temperature with humidity being 42C.  That's hot!  I'm very thankful for our complex's pool.  Poor Kian has been running around mostly naked today.

 The queen was in our little city today.  She was really close to where we live so my MIL dropped her bicycle off here and walked over.  After waiting for awhile, she got to see the Queen.  That's pretty cool! I really wanted to see the Queen, but am content with someone from my family getting to see her.

 And that's about it for today....hope everybody else had a good one too!

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  1. girl - it's your own fault for asking for abs!! ha ha - i can harass you about yoga on here. :D ;) LOL. love you!