Monday, July 12, 2010

To Say Goodbye

  This afternoon we took off to the Big City.  Friends of ours leave on Thursday for at least 3 months.  They are hoping to emigrate to Ireland, but are leaving that in God's hands.  We are sad.  These are dear dear friends that we met during my pregnancy with Zane.  She was my student midwife, living away from her husband and child.   During those months, we bonded and she delivered my son.  Two years later, we reconnected via FaceBook.  During our last pregnancy(our babes were born about 5 weeks apart), we encouraged each other daily, often praying for each other.  It's been a special friendship for us both.

 We had a great visit with a wide-ranging conversation.  They're ridding themselves of their worldly possessions so we got a step-stool, some wool blankets and some mirrors.  Our kids had a great time playing together.  We each have three kids, with somewhat matching ages and they had a great time playing together.  At the restaurant, the two oldest girls were curled around each other on the couch.  It was such a sweet moment.  They hugged each other and have made plans to skype.   It was such a blessing to have our children all play together beautifully and just to click that well.  We will miss our friends, but are very thankful for technology and a good last visit.  Many blessings to the Ws as they set off on their adventures.

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