Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

 Today was just beautiful.  I slept in, got ready lazily, got my hair cut(*sob*) and went shopping with J.  I went to buy organic shampoo but ended up with a beautiful dress.  We wandered around the mall and then sipped chai lattes while sharing chocolate in the food court.  It was a good break for both of us.  I am thankful for beautiful weather, good sales on clothes, a hair salon within walking distances and a good friend to share those joys with.  I'm also thankful for husbands that give wives the day off!  Now we're preparing for a day of travelling tomorrow as we will join my American family to celebrate my grandmother's 95th birthday.  I'm not looking forward to getting up early, but I can't wait to see my grandma again.  It will be another good day. :)

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