Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cora's, Cards and a Water Fight

 We had a fabulous anniversary.  Steve's parents babysat the boys overnight so we could have an uninterrupted night's sleep.  What a blessing that was!  We even slept in until 10am!!!! Bliss!

 After very slowly waking up, we eventually went for breakfast(at noon).  My favourite breakfast change has finally expanded into SW Ontario and even has a location very near us.  So we headed there for a yummy breakfast.  The staff was super-friendly and helpful, especially when one of us knocked over a cup of coffee.  That reminded me of one of the reasons we love each other: We're both clumsy.  This may not sound like a good reason, but it's really hard to harass someone for knocking over their cup when it's something you do on a regular basis too.  However, for some reason we still have a hard time extending grace to our children on that one.  Perhaps it's less because of clumsiness and more a result of disobedience?  Hmm....

 Not only did we enjoy a great breakfast, but we also had a great conversation.  We talked about this past year of marriage and then set some goals for the upcoming year.  It was a great breakfast!  Once again I felt like we managed to take a sabbath.  I'm not so sure about Steve, but I actually felt relaxed.  After breakfast we picked up our boys.  They had made cards for us and had a little cake complete with candles made out of little brownies.  It was very very sweet!  My in-laws did a fantastic job and we really appreciated the celebration and the babysitting.  You guys rock! (Yes, they read my blog).

 For supper, we were invited to a friend's 4th birthday party.  We brought gifts of lipgloss and necklaces for both the birthday girl and her younger sister.   Our friends had set up a wading pool and slip'n'slide for the kids while they barbequed.  Our children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  After eating, our friends broke out the water ballons for an all-inclusive water fight.  Most of the adults hid inside(including my wonderful husband), but I decided that if my friend was participating, I probably should too.  We had a great time for the two minutes until the water balloons were used up.  Thankfully the only injuries were inflicted on adults, and there was no real damage.  Later, Kian was getting pwned by the birthday girl's little sister in a game of "let's shoot each other with water sprinklers".  As his mother, it was my duty to help him get her back.  So I boldly went into the line of fire to help him out.  We soaked the little girl, but she ran to her daddy for help.  Oh did I ever get wet!  I was wringing the water out of my clothes afterward while laughing hysterically!  My jeans were still wet two hours later.  But it was seriously fun!

 I am so blessed and thankful for such a great day, and for such an awesome man to celebrate being married to.  Steve, thank you so much.  I can't currently find the words to describe how wonderful you are and how much I love and appreciate you.  *hugs*

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