Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh Today Was Hot!

 Today was blistering hot.  Thankfully we've seemed to adjusted a bit to the heatwave, but it's still intense.  Especially for poor Kian who was born in February.  He hates the summer with a passion.  Unfortunately, the heat hasn't prevented him from escaping the house at every opportunity.  If you happen by my house and see a little blond boy running free in just a diaper, that would be my son!  We try to keep him in shorts, but that doesn't always work.

 Extreme heat, a little boy who doesn't tolerate heat well, and two other slightly cranky children is not a good combination.  Not only did Kian have four escapes, he also received numerous timeouts for violence. *sigh* Today was not a good day!

 But I am super-duper-luper(as Aris would say) thankful for our swimming pool and for yoga.  After supper we had a nice cool swim and then I headed off to yoga under the stars.  I was the only one who showed, so it ended up being a private lesson.  Oh was it good!  I now feel much more peaceful and relaxed! *happysigh*

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