Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimsuit Blessings

 Today has been a day of unexpected blessings.  After my counselling appointment, I drove Steve to work and ran some errands.  Strangely enough there were three highly stressful driving events that occurred on the very short trip between his office and the small tourist town nearby.  Normally even just one(the pickup truck over the centre line causing me to swerve onto the shoulder while driving rather fast) would leave me shaken and anxious.  Nope.  I was good.  Through all of the other driving craziness I was fine.  No anxiety.  That was a gift!

 Steve forgot his bus tickets today, so I picked him up from work after quickly putting my soaking wet boys into dry clothes and then cleaning up the mess caused by m&m's dropped into a puddle of water from a leaking water gun.  Yup, it was that kinda day.  Thankfully Steve didn't complain that it took me longer to get the boys ready than it did to drive there. *shakes head* From picking him up we headed to the big mall.  Now that the local mall has been redone, I rarely visit the other one.  But I really wanted to get a new swimsuit since mine is too big, worn and holey.   I had been debating getting a new one for the last several weeks and then just decided to go for it.  I love the cut of my suit, but it's expensive.  In I went only to find that although the price of the suit had gone up, they were on sale for 35% off!  Yay!  Now that I have a beautiful new bathing suit, I'm all set for being a beach bum next week!

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