Friday, July 9, 2010

Six Years of Marriage

  Tomorrow Steve and I will celebrate our sixth anniversary.  We've ended up celebrating tonight with all of our children away.  It's lovely!  Although I really enjoyed an evening with no distractions from our children, I'm most looking forward to sleeping well and late.  You know you're a parent of a small children when...

 To celebrate, we went to the movies.  We chose a spy-flick/comedy to watch after meeting at the mall for dinner.  We shared a shawarma plate for dinner.  The garlic sauce was fantastic and the potatoes, oh don't get me started on the potatoes! Soo good!  We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and afterwards we enjoyed debating about what was realistic.  It was during this debate that I was reminded of how well we suit each other.  We were arguing about whether or not the explosion at the end of the movie was realistic.  I think that given the amount of potential energy, the explosion should have equaled that of a nuclear blast.  Steve argued that because we don't know what type of (fictional) technology was being used, there could have been some sort of internal dampener.  Yup, we're geeks!  And we're both very happy with that. :)

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